Practice Safety Techniques With Our AI Guns

Check out our virtual firearm facility in Tyler, TX

Looking for a place to practice your shot without firing live rounds? Annie Oakley's Tyler is the spot for you. When you visit us, you can have a good time while brushing up on gun safety best practices in our laser AI gun range.

We have three types of laser weapons for you to choose from and charge $60 an hour for each session in our fully immersive rooms. Our immersion rooms have life-size 4K screens that respond to the laser on your practice firearm.

Contact us today to learn more about our immersion room in Tyler, TX.

Please note that all participants under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Wondering what our laser gun range has to offer?

Annie Oakley's Tyler is more than just a practice range for locals looking to improve their aim. We also offer:

  • Home defense classes - so you can feel safe and secure in your home
  • Concealed carry certification classes - if you want a concealed carry permit
  • AI Gun safety classes - so you can feel comfortable handling a firearm
  • Private party rental spaces - including an immersion room with an AI simulator
Have questions about the home defense and AI gun safety classes we provide? Call us at 877-754-8060 now for straightforward answers. We're standing by to help.

Why should you choose Annie Oakley's Tyler?

Are you looking for an AI gun range to try your skills in a safe environment? We've got you covered. Learn valuable skills for home defense while improving your aim at our gun range. You can book a session here to improve your accuracy and precision.

Our AI gun range keeps people coming back because:

  • We have advanced AI simulations
  • We provide a safe and accurate shooting experience
  • Our AI gun range reduces the risk of accidents and injuries

Stay safe while still preparing yourself for home defense. Visit our AI gun range in Tyler, TX today.